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Experience the world-renowned quality of Silestone worktops in your kitchen and bathroom. Comprising 94% natural quartz, Silestone is the durable worktop with unique bacteriostatic protection. Silestone is available in over 90 different colours, allowing you to select the perfect worktops for your home. Discover why so many customers choose Silestone worktops from Stone Synergy and how this modern material brings luxury and elegance to your living space.

Why choose Silestone worktops from Stone Synergy?

As suppliers of the Silestone range, we deliver an outstanding service with premium products at discounted prices. Our experts offer nationwide template and fit services on all our Silestone Worktop range.
All the information you need to select your preferred worktop is easily available via our site, our suppliers and from extremely experienced advisers.

The Silestone worktops guarantee

Boasting so many incredible qualities, the Silestone brand comes with a 25-year guarantee for Silestone kitchen worktops. The durability of these products allows homeowners to appreciate their surfaces for many years. Enjoy an impact and scratch resistant worktop thanks to the high quartz content and intelligent manufacturing methods used to create the products.

Visit our factory showrooms

Come and see us in person at one of our factory showrooms in the UK. Our showrooms in Doncaster and Wakefield showcase our fantastic collection of silestone worktops, quartz and granite worktops. Our knowledgeable advisers will also be on hand to help you with anything you need. Pop in for some samples or to find out more about how we can help to transform your kitchen or bathroom into the beautiful spaces you have always dreamed of.

Scratch and stain resistant Silestone Worktops that look incredible

When choosing a new work surface for your bathroom or kitchen, it is incredibly important to consider specific factors relating to your household and lifestyle. These rooms are the most used by everyone in the home, and visitors, which means you need to install Silestone worktops that have been created using durable materials. This is especially true for family homes or abodes with multiple occupants. It is also a given that you will want these worktops to be a long-term attractive feature in your home. Silestone worktops provide exceptional performance as a surface you can use without needing to be overly cautious. The strong quartz elements deliver a scratch and stain resistant surface that is simple to clean and easy to maintain.

Colours and textures to suit all tastes

Why compromise on any aspect of your new kitchen when you can purchase worktops that are both resilient and incredibly stylish? In addition to being available in over 90 colours, Silestone worktops are also created in a variety of textures. Choose from beautifully engineered stone in Volcano, Suede, or Polished textures and create the ideal ambience for spaces in your home.

  • Volcano – a striking surface that gives a rugged, yet refined, finish for an alternative effect.
  • Suede - a surface you will want to touch again and again, the finish on this worktop is a treat for the senses.
  • Polished – as the name suggests, these worktops have an exceptional, polished surface enhancing colours for a richer finish.
Accents, colours and effects

The Silestone collection boasts assorted patterns, shades and pigments. This variety provides inspiration for those who are yet to decide which theme best suits their kitchen or bathroom. In addition, should you already know the colours and textures you require, you will find them among our Silestone worktops. Choices include the simple elegance of Iconic White, the sophisticated hue of Rougui, and the luxurious detail of the Eternal Calacatta Gold. These are just a selection of the many designs available from the Silestone Worktop range. Discover the full collection via the Stone Synergy website and order your Silestone worktops today.

Order from the website

Browse clear images of each type and description of Silestone worktop, complete with transparent pricing and clear measurements. Want a closer look before you commit? Order a free sample to see how your favourite worktops will look in your home. You can even see how some of our worktops appear in real-life kitchens by visiting the customers’ images gallery on our site. Choose worktops that suit your budget by using our instant online quote service and discover if you are eligible to use our finance purchase options.

Make your choice using Silestone Worktops samples

When our operatives arrive to create templates, they always carry a selection of samples for customers to peruse. You can then make your choice from those samples, or from samples that have been ordered and posted out via our site. Alternatively, you can visit our suppliers to select your own slab.

UK craftmanship at its finest

All Stone Synergy worktops are cut and manufactured in the UK. Customers are guaranteed exceptional quality with each worktop from our dedicated teams. Domestic manufacturing allows us to provide a swift service with fantastic customer service.

An outstanding service from beginning to end

Customers choose to purchase their Silestone Worktops products from Stone Synergy as they know they will always receive an exceptional service. Whether you order direct from our site or want to discuss your needs with one of our trained advisers, you will always enjoy the Stone Synergy experience. We use our own teams to conduct templates and fitting and they will always be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process. Local manufacturing of bespoke worktops allows us to provide a fast turnaround so you won’t be left waiting to enjoy your new kitchen or bathroom.

Find out more

Browse our complete Silestone worktops collection to discover beautiful worktops at discounted prices. Should you have any questions about the products or processes, there are several ways you can contact our team. Get in touch via our website, by ‘phone, or drop us an email and one of our advisers will get back to you as soon as possible. You may find all the answers you need in our FAQs section, but if you don’t, we will be delighted to help you further.

Bacteriostatic technology for added protection on your Silestone Worktops

Silestone worktops are the only quartz worktops to possess bacteriostatic technology. During production of the material, silver ions are incorporated throughout. Controlled amounts of the silver ions are released which then interact with bacteria on contact. This controlled release of ions prevents the bacteria from reproducing and from further contaminating your work surfaces. Such technology gives you and your family the peace of mind to enjoy frequent daily use of these superb Silestone worktops.