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Black Granite Worktops: 3 Ideas for your kitchen


Black Granite Worktops: 3 Ideas for your kitchen

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Black Granite Worktops: 3 Ideas for your kitchen

Black is perhaps the most versatile colour for your kitchen. After all, it is always in fashion and conforms to pretty much every colour scheme. Granite worktops are popular too, given that the natural stone is tough, low-maintenance and goes well with many different kitchen styles. It comes as no surprise then that black granite is often the most popular material that features on many a kitchen worktop!

In this post, we’ll guide you through the latest and most popular trends. That way your black granite worktop kitchen ideas will be informed and most importantly, in style.


Colour combinations 

Let’s have a look at the combinations guaranteed to make even the most prestigious kitchen designers envy the heart of your home. We begin with a classic look…

1. Black and white 

Black granite worktops and white cabinets is a classic combination for a reason. Black and white compliment each other well. What’s more, black granite is ideal as a countertop surface because not only is the stone stain resistant, black is also harder to stain. White cabinets keep your kitchen bright and provide lovely contrasts against black granite worktops, adding a sleekness to your kitchen.

This colour scheme is ideal if you have a kitchen island. The reason for this is due to how well this colour scheme fits into classic and modern style kitchens. Kitchen islands are often central features in traditional farmhouse and sleek, elegant modern kitchens.

You can also flip this colour scheme so that you have black cabinets and lighter granite worktops. We’ll stay focused on black granite worktops in this post. However, if you do decide to go with black cabinets, consider pendant lighting to add depth and ambience.

Still considering black granite worktops? We recommend our Simply Granite Indian Jet Black. The honed version is similar to a matte black and is better matched for more traditional bespoke furniture. Whereas the polished version would finish off a modern high gloss cabinet nicely. 

2. Natural wood and black granite worktops 

The natural wood look, topped with black granite, gives kitchens a rustic and warm feeling. If you prefer a cosy and earthy home lifestyle, this combination of natural wood colours is perfect for your black granite worktop kitchen ideas. Dark wood colours go well with stainless steel appliances, sinks and handles. Choosing granite that contains mica (the reflective three dimensional specks), marries up well with dark wood and metal features.

If you have a unique shaped kitchen, interior designers can have a field day with bringing a Scandinavian inspired kitchen into your home. Often it is the case that customers choose designs that match the feeling of their home. So people who live in cottages will want a rustic design with natural wood and stone colours. Since many old cottages have interesting layouts, chances are you will need bespoke, hand-crafted cabinets to fit odd dimensions.

We’d suggest one of our stromboli or barocco granites countertops to keep the theme interesting and consistent with warm “woody” colours.

3. Jewel tones and bright colours 

Your kitchen cabinets are not just restricted to black or white. Current kitchen trends suggest that more and more people are increasingly adventurous with their choice of colours. We’re seeing natural greens, sunny yellows, earthy browns, dramatic greys and all shades of blues. What’s great about black granite worktops? They match all of these colours!

Bright colours suit open plan kitchens and small spaces. For larger kitchens with a wide open plan, brightness is key in showcasing the size of your kitchen. Even if you want to go with more subdued colours, a jewel tone granite that contains metallic colours, goes well with brass, gold or silver fittings.

For a small kitchen, bright colours are ideal. For example, all shades of blue are currently popular. From regal navy to azure blue and bright turquoise. Blue kitchen cabinets may not be for everyone. However, blue is recessive and because it’s associated with the horizon, gives small spaces a never-ending feeling. Similarly, green evokes a calming effect because we associate it with the countryside and nature.

So, which black granite worktops in our collection suit your kitchen best? Well, if you like bright colours and have a small kitchen, we’d suggest Granite Emerald Pearl. Similarly, for  larger kitchens with more subdued, metallic colours, a jewel tone variant like our Granite Belvedere is a great option.



Which black granite worktop is best for your kitchen

Ultimately, it is down to your preference. Since black goes with everything, you can use it effectively in most worktop ideas. Should you have any doubts, why not give our team a call? We are more than happy to give you expert advice.