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Choosing a Granite slab for your worktop

From the images please select a quartz or granite worktop for your quote.

Once you have your quote & have confirmed your template date we can arrange for you to visit our supplier to choose a material that’s right for you.

You will be met by one of our knowledgeable colleagues who will show you your selected granite.

But also, it will give you the opportunity to look at other options, you can bring a door or colour swatch to match to.

Match the colours

Matching your granite / quartz to the cabinet finish can be delicate task. Therefore, many homeowners prefer buying the granite and modifying the cabinet doors and kitchen colours to match the granite. If you really want a specific colour, take a look at the colour samples of your cabinet finish, floors and walls with you when you go to select your slab. A couple of pictures can also help you get the right granite colour faster.

Your granite / quartz slab doesn’t have to be the same exact colour as your cabinet doors and kitchen floor. In fact, a little contrast will make the colours pop more. The idea is to match colours and create a lively kitchen

Consider the lighting

Granite / Quartz countertops interact with light to make a kitchen or bathroom glow. Get your kitchen lighting right before choosing your granite slab. A bight kitchen will look closely with dark black or deep blue. If you prefer the room darker or don’t have many huge windows, go for brighter granite with a lot of white, gold or light coloured specks in. Other options to consider might be ceramic worktops. 

Look at several slabs before choosing

Make sure to inspect the actual slab before purchasing. Like other natural stone, granite / quartz is rarely consistent in colour and design, you you must be sure you can accommodate any changes in colour and patina across the slab. Before sealing the deal, look at a couple of similarly coloured slabs to find the one that perfectly matches your ideal decor.

Once you have your slab it will be reserved for you & transported to our fabrication warehouse, once the template has been signed off the Slab will go into production & become your worktops & islands.