Quartz & Granite Worktops

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Worktop

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Worktop

Refreshing your kitchen is an exciting time, but one stumbling block is working out which kitchen worktop is best. With hundreds of kitchen worktop surfaces to choose from, it can be pretty daunting. If you’re unsure how to choose which kitchen worktop would be best for your new kitchen our quick-read guide will walk you through the different types of worktops and the benefits to them.

While many people are looking at different types of kitchen worktops based on appearance, there are other things to take into consideration such as: 

  • The most durable kitchen worktops 
  • The best kitchen worktops on a budget 
  • The best kitchen work surface 

With over 30 years’ of helping customers choose a kitchen worktop style that matches their style, budget and practical needs, we have taken the time to outline some of the best kitchen worktop materials and their pros and cons.

Some additional features to consider when picking new worktops include: 

  • If it has a porous surface
  • If it is water resistant 
  • Whether hot pans can be placed on the countertop
  • Whether it is prone to scratching or if it is resistant 
  • If the worktop is high density

Types of Kitchen Worktops

There is an abundance of kitchen top materials to choose from and different types of worktop on offer to meet the needs of every budget and style, let’s dive in and take a look at some popular choices our customers opt for:

Quartz Kitchen Worktops 

Exquisite quartz worktops are impeccably engineered from natural quartz aggregate and bound with resins. When it comes to the best kitchen worktop material for design consistency, then quartz worktops captivate with their striking finish. Providing a more cost effective option to marble and granite, Quartz is one of the most popular kitchen worktops.

If durability is what you’re looking for, a Quartz kitchen worktop is the way to go. Its robust, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant, plus out of all the kitchen worktop types, it’s one of the easiest to maintain. With a diverse array of colours and patterns to choose from, there is something to suit every taste. How to choose the right kitchen worktop | Stone Synergy

Quartz does have a more premium price tag than wood or laminate. So, if it is one of your worktop options, certainly consider getting a professional to install it

Granite Kitchen Worktops 

Granite is an igneous rock, revered for its distinct beauty and showcases a palette of unparalleled colours. Some of the best kitchen worktops are granite as it offers both style and functionality, while remaining scratch, chip, and stain-resistant. Granite kitchen worktop surfaces are available in a range of high gloss and textured finishes.

When thinking about kitchen worktop materials, it’s important to note that the installation of granite worktops requires expertise. This is where Stone Synergy comes into play, we offer professional installation to ensure your new worktop is fitted to perfection. One drawback is that while the natural look of granite contributes to its charm, some granite kitchen worktop styles need to be treated with sealants as they can be porous.

Ceramic Kitchen Worktop Styles 

Ceramic is a relative newcomer to the kitchen worktop space, but can be considered one of the best types of kitchen worktop due to its scratch, stain and heat resistance. Impervious to water and bacteria, Ceramic is a hygienic choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. If you’re looking for a different type of kitchen worktop it ticks all the boxes and can add that wow factor to your kitchen. You’ll find ceramic worktop options come in a wide variety of colours and patterns too. One thing to take into consideration though, while ceramic is hard, it is also brittle. Heavy impacts or dropping heavy objects can cause chips or cracks, which can be difficult and costly to repair.

What Are the Most Durable Kitchen Worktops?

Granite is considered one of the most durable kitchen worktop materials, renowned for its resistance to scratches, heat, and stains. Its natural hardness and longevity make it a popular choice for homeowners seeking a resilient and long-lasting surface in their kitchens.

What is a Cheap Work Surface for My Kitchen?

Laminate stands out as the most budget-friendly option, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on look. Its affordability and diverse design options make it a popular choice for those seeking an affordable yet stylish kitchen upgrade. However, bear in mind spending a little more on kitchen top materials like quartz might mean you don’t have to pay out to refresh your countertops as often. 

What are the Best Kitchen Worktops?

The best worktop material depends on individual preferences and budget but in our experience at Stone Synergy granite stands out for its durability, heat resistance, and timeless look. However, quality quartz is a popular choice as well, and comes in a wide range of colours, is low maintenance, and offers excellent resistance to stains and scratches. Take a look at our fabulous section of quartz worktops to gain some inspo for your kitchen renovation.

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