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Granite vs Laminate Worktops: A Comparison


Granite vs Laminate Worktops: A Comparison

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Granite vs Laminate Worktops: A Comparison

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the pros and cons of granite worktops and laminate surfaces. Exploring the key similarities and differences between these two materials. Plus, we’ll advise you on how to decide which of the two is ideal for your kitchen.

Many people prefer real stone as a worktop material. If you feel the same way, read our comparison between marble and granite.



Granite is known for its density that protects it from most scratches and chipping. Granite is tough because it is an igneous rock formed from magma. Expect granite worktops to last a long time, especially when looked after properly.

Laminate worktops consist of wood and paper layered together and bound with resin or glue. Laminate kitchen worktops are often perceived as dated and old fashioned. Laminate worktops can also age quickly, given that they are prone to scratching, peeling and water damage.

Stain Resistance

Granite is a natural stone and is highly resistant to stains and scratches. However, it is still porous and will eventually stain without proper care. Every slab of stone has its own constitution, so it is best to test a small piece of granite before you use it. Or choose a professional supplier who knows how to seal stone properly.

Laminate is commonly used in kitchen countertops because it is very stain resistant. Laminate is non-porous and stain resistant even though it is vulnerable to water damage and scratches.

Heat Resistance

Natural stone like granite and quartz are highly resistant to heat. This is due to the way they were formed and is why stone is well suited for kitchens. We still recommend using hot pads when placing utensils on granite or quartz kitchen worktops. Just as an extra precaution to keep the stone in good condition.

On the other hand, laminate worktops are not very heat resistant. Hot utensils will damage laminate material. It is always a good idea to let pans straight off the hob cool down before placing them on laminate counters.


Laminate is a low-maintenance material. It does not need sealing or special cleaning products to keep in good condition. In fact, it is so easy to clean, a quick wipe with a wet kitchen towel will do!

Granite shares this similarity with laminate material. Other stone surfaces (like marble) require special sealing up to twice a year. Sometimes even more! As long as you look after granite, and seal it every one to three years, it will stay in pristine condition. Another advantage granite has over laminate is that it can last a lifetime.


Laminate is a lightweight material. This increases the flexibility of its usage. Reducing the chance of damage to flooring or cabinets. Granite on the other hand is naturally heavy. Therefore, certain limitations can prevent design options (e.g. overhangs) without necessary support.


Laminate is quick and easy to install. Generally it is the cheaper option when compared to stone. Both in terms of its value as a material and the labour costs associated with installation.

The installation of granite can sometimes run into project-specific complexities. Expect higher labour costs in comparison to laminate, due to granite’s heavy weight and the expertise required to install it.   


Granite is a beautiful stone that comes in many variations of colours and patterns. White and gold flecks in granite add an extra dimension to space. Plus, every slab of stone is unique, meaning no two kitchens will look the same. 

Laminate has come a long way in terms of aesthetics. However, its low shelf life means it quickly loses its shine.



Which is Better?

Granite is definitely the choice for homeowners. After all, well maintained granite will last a lifetime. Without the need to constantly maintain it like you would need to with marble. Granite adds beauty and value to your home and its hardiness makes it ideal for high-traffic areas.



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