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Stone Synergy is delighted to introduce sensational deals on all our granite worktops Uppingham to customers. Granite is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms as it is both beautiful, resilient and easy to clean. As one of the hardest materials on Earth, granite is perfect for prominent areas of your home. Our selection of granite worktops offers style, elegance and fantastic value for money.

Uppingham customers can take advantage of our low prices, expert craftmanship, and swift delivery. Find out why granite worktops are the right choice for your new kitchen or bathroom.

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Template and fit Granite Worktops Uppingham

Finished worktop or island. At Stone Synergy we do not outsource any templating or fitting and our very own experts will attend your property to create a template. The template will take into account any hobs, and sinks, in addition to any shaping that may be required. The finished template will then be taken to the manufacturing facility where your brand-new granite worktop will be created. As everything is completed inhouse, granite worktops Uppingham are ready very quickly after template completion. Our professionals aim to have your new worktops ready within 4 to 10 days from template completion.

Can I contact Stone Synergy directly?

Complete the online contact form and one of our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible. You will receive a quote within 24 hours. If you prefer you can call us, or you can drop us an email with your queries and you will receive a reply as quickly as possible. For those that want to give us a call, you will find our ‘phone number at the top of the page. Should you want to speak with someone in person, you can visit us at one of our showrooms. We have a factory showroom in Uppingham, and a showroom in Doncaster. At these locations you can see samples of our granite worktops and speak with a member of our customer services team. Our advisers will be delighted to answer your questions or to provide guidance when choosing a worktop.

A huge collection of granite worktops Uppingham

We stock a wide variety of stunning granite worktops available to customers in the Uppingham region. Choose from on trend surfaces in the most modern colours or opt for traditional granite worktops in pristine whites and eye-catching blacks. No matter what style you are searching for, you will find plenty of choices to suit your tastes.

Can I see Granite worktop samples before I order?

Yes! Customers can order samples online which will be posted to your home, or you can visit one of our showrooms to take a closer look at our granite worktop collection. The Stone Synergy survey team also carry a selection of samples when attending your home to create a template allowing you to make a selection then. Should you want to see an entire slab of preferred granite, this can also be arranged.

How do I keep my new granite worktop in peak condition?

Granite worktops will last for many years when they are cared for appropriately. Taking care of your new granite surface is relatively easy at it is heat, stain, and knock resistant. For spillages use a soft cloth and some simple soap detergent to wipe it up. Never use and abrasive sponge or detergent as this can damage the granite. Rather than placing hot pans and dishes directly onto your new worktop, protect the surface with an appropriate stand. To avoid scratches, use a chopping board when prepping ingredients for meals. When cared for properly, granite worktops provide a long lasting addition to your kitchen or bathroom.

Which granite worktop is best for my home?

Our customers boast a real mix of preferences, with some wanting a real showstopper of a surface, to others who prefer a more subtle worktop colour and design. Wow visitors to your home with the Simply Granite worktop in Cosmic Black or the elegant swirling design of the Simply Granite in Fantasy Brown. If you prefer a touch of sparkle, select Volga Blue with its delicate flecks against a nightscape backdrop. For a pure block of polished colour consider the sophisticated Premium Black granite worktops Uppingham.

What is granite?

Granite is formed from the cooling of magma over millions of years beneath the surface of the Earth. Comprising mainly quartz and feldspar, it is one of the toughest materials available to man. Being an extremely tenacious stone means that it is scratch and heat resistant. This goes some way to explain why so many people choose this material for their worktops. Another reason is that granite is also a very attractive stone, adding elegance and style to homes all over the UK.

Mining granite

Granite is extracted from quarries using specific techniques to ensure minimal wastage. Miners will consult geologists and other professionals to discover which methods are best for the specific quarry in which they are mining. These types of methods are crucial to minimising disruption to surrounding landscapes and environments. Extraction techniques include site specific drilling and controlled explosions.

Any questions?

If you need help with an order, assistance with selection, or just want to ask a question about our products and services, get in touch. You can do this by giving us a call and speaking with one of our friendly customer advisers. We can also be contacted via the online contact form. Alternatively, send us an email with product details and your query and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Should you want to meet our team in person and to take a closer look at our products, you can do so by popping into one of our showrooms. You will find our factory showroom at the Diamond Business Park in Uppingham. You can also visit us at Tickhill Enterprise Park in Doncaster. Before getting in touch you may want to see if your question is answered in our FAQ section. However you decide to contact us you can always be assured a friendly, professional service and a quick response.

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