Choosing Granite Worktops

Granite worktops: what makes them so special? 

polished black granite worktop
polished black granite worktop

Enjoy the clean polished look of granite worktops

Granite worktops are such a popular choice in contemporary kitchens that it can sometimes be difficult to believe they weren’t always in our homes. In fact, continuous kitchen counters didn’t appear in today’s familiar guise until the early 20th century. Discover some interesting facts about the history of kitchen worktops, and what makes granite worktops, in particular, so special. 


The introduction of kitchen worktops

Before the start of the 20th century, having a separate kitchen would be a rather rare occurrence. Many homes used them as both the living and cooking space.  Only the more affluent families would have homes with separate kitchens with cooking done by staff. Food would be prepared on huge kitchen tables and dedicated kitchen worktops would not appear until around the 1920s. Even then, counters would usually take up just one area of wall and wouldn’t feature cupboards or storage beneath. In later years, America led the way in a kitchen revolution, with this room receiving more attention than ever before.  


American kitchens and the evolution of worktops 

The 1950s was an exciting time of technological innovation, especially for domestic settings. American homeowners especially were bombarded with advertising selling idyllic home-lives in the form of new gadgets. Amazing machines such as food mixers, fridges, and washing machines were beginning to become the must-have items for the modern kitchen. With these items came new kitchens designs that could house the table-top gadgets, and create spaces on which these gadgets could be used. These spaces were continuous kitchen worktops. 


Granite worktops  

It may come as a complete surprise to some to learn that granite worktops only became a popular feature in homes during the 1980’s. Prior to this, kitchen worktops were usually created using wood or plastic laminate. Graphic designer, Deborah Sussman is said to have started the trend in 1986 when the New York Times lauded her style. The following year, the Los Angeles Times lauded granite as the next big thing for kitchens worktops. Back then, granite was considered an extremely expensive option and few people could afford the luxury worktops in their homes. Although granite is still appreciated as a sophisticated material, it is no longer an unreachable aspiration, especially when bought from Stone Synergy’s cut-price range. 


Granite through the ages 

Although granite worktops didn’t become fashionable until recent decades, the material has been used in assorted guises by different civilisations for thousands of years. From the Roman roads, to Egyptian temples and monuments, granite has proven to be a popular choice of material through time. Granite was abundant in Egypt and the deep red granite for which the region is known was utilised in many different ways. It may be difficult to believe that such a hard substance could have been mined without modern methods, but the Egyptians displayed incredible ingenuity and did just that. 


What is granite? 

Granite worktops begin life as huge chunks of mined granite which are then transformed into slabs. This material is an igneous rock which means it was once liquid magma or lava which cooled over time and solidified to form solid rock. The finished solid rock is a combination of mainly quartz, feldspar and mica and is an extremely durable material. The quarries where the slabs of granite are mined can be found all over the world, including Brazil and Italy and notably, Britain. 


Why are granite worktops a great choice? 

Granite has always been considered a luxurious choice and creates a top-end aesthetic in any kitchen. Besides looking fabulous, granite worktops are an extremely practical option too. Granite is stain, heat and scratch resistant and can be easily maintained when you know how. Purchasing a granite countertop is an investment in your home which can be enjoyed daily.


The unique choice 

Although granite worktops are extremely popular, no two slabs of granite are the same, which means your counter-tops will be unique. Enjoy selecting patterns and colours that suit your taste and revel in knowing nobody else will have a kitchen quite like yours. You are free to choose a completely different pattern for each area of your kitchen. Perhaps you would like a kitchen island that “pops” with colour and the rest of your worktops to be more subtle? Maybe it’’ your breakfast bar you wish to highlight? Whatever choice you make, you can be certain to find the ideal granite worktops with Stone Synergy. 


Choosing your granite worktop 

One of the best things about Stone Synergy is that we have so many options from which to choose. We provide granite worktops in a range of shades, from whites and creams, to deepest black. If you aren’t sure which colours and patterns will work best in your kitchen, our team can help. Whether you speak with us on the telephone, or in person at one of our showrooms, we are dedicated to assisting you in any way we can. 


View our granite worktops 

Our online store is packed with clear images of beautiful granite worktops from renowned brands. Once you have spotted one you like, you can order samples for a closer look. If you prefer, you can visit one of our UK showrooms and speak with one of our friendly experts. Be inspired and see how granite breakfast bars, kitchen islands and worktops could look in your home. It is often advised to take a look at the entire slab of a design you like.  Our team can arrange this for you. You also have the  the opportunity to view samples when a template and fit is arranged.  


Transform your kitchen with granite worktops 

Give your home the kitchen it deserves and enjoy the multiple benefits of granite worktops.  Choose granite if you have a busy family home that requires worktops that will last. If it’s style and sophistication you want, granite is the perfect choice. Find out more about our entire range by visiting our online store. Get in touch today to discover how much you can save when buying granite worktops from Stone Synergy.