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How much do granite worktops cost? Factors to consider


How much do granite worktops cost? Factors to consider

Granite Worktops

How much do granite worktops cost? Factors to consider

If you’re looking to change or update your kitchen and trying to decide which kitchen worktops to choose, you might be wondering how much granite worktops cost.

Granite worktops are one of the most expensive worktop materials but their benefits and durability mean that you will have worktops that last for decades in a busy kitchen.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at how much granite worktops cost and the factors that can influence the cost of your granite worktops.


What are granite kitchen worktops? 

Granite is a natural material formed from mineral crystals in the ground. As granite is a natural material, no two slabs are the same. The granite is drilled, chiselled and blasted from quarries in large blocks. It is then cut into workable slabs. The material is then polished, ready to be installed as your kitchen countertop.



How much do granite worktops cost? 

The cost of granite worktops can vary depending on the colour, thickness, length and quality of the material. At Stone Synergy, our granite worktops vary between £100 per square metre to £292 per square metre.

It’s important to remember that template and installation charges can influence the overall costs of your granite worktops. It is always recommended that a professional installs your worktops for you. Make sure you speak to your supplier about whether they can template and install the worktops for you.

At Stone Synergy, we have two showrooms you can visit to view our wide range of granite worktops before you buy. We will also come out to template your worktops and then install the worktops when you’re ready so you don’t need to worry about organising different tradespeople.



Granite worktop prices: What do you need to consider? 

Now you know how much a granite countertop from Stone Synergy might cost, it’s important to understand the factors that can affect the cost of your granite worktops. 



Granite covers about 80% of the Earth’s surface and it is a completely natural material so there is a huge variation in the colours and patterns, depending on where the stone has come from. Some colours are more common than others so the price of the granite you choose will depend on how rare the stone is. 

Granite is grouped into different grades or levels depending on where it comes from and the colours or patterns. 

Level 1 granite is the lowest price because it’s available in common colours and patterns. Level 2 granite has patterns that are more complex with two or more colour combinations or and/or features less common colours. Level 3 granite contains rare or exotic colours such as blue or green and more complex and intricate patterns. 

Remember that the classification of granite has no bearing on it’s quality or durability in any way, it just considers the availability of the granite. Granite classed as level 1 might be just as durable as granite with a level 3 classification.



Granite comes from all over the world so the location of the quarry will be a factor on the price because it will cost more to ship the granite from a long way away than a short one. As a rule of thumb, the distance from the source to the final destination will have a direct relationship to the price.



Granite worktop sizes vary and you pay per square metre. As a result, the price you pay for your worktop will depend on how big the slab you need is. One of the biggest factors in the size of your worktop is the thickness of the slab. Granite slabs are available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses so you can get the right look for your kitchen. Thicker slabs will be more expensive and durable and thinner slabs will require proper support in your kitchen to ensure the longevity of your worktop.



A huge factor to consider when having granite worktops installed is the labour cost. This includes fabricating (cutting) and installing your granite worktops. A reputable supplier and fitter might be able to offer packages that include your worktop, installation and even a sink or edge profile at a reasonable price per square foot.



Measuring for your granite worktops 

Here are some of the factors you should consider when measuring for your granite worktops and obtaining a quote for your kitchen. Granite worktops are charged by price per metre so the amount of worktop you’re looking for will have a direct impact on the cost.

Getting the right measurements is key to making sure the cost of your granite worktops is right.


Take measurements 

If you have a completely new kitchen being installed, you should be able to send plans to a fabricator and they’ll be able to work out the measurements for your kitchen. Your kitchen cabinet supplier should also be able to give you the right measurements too. 

Ideally, having your existing kitchen worktops taken off and the cabinets exposed is the best way to measure for your granite worktops. However, you can also take measurements with your existing worktops in place. 

  • Step 1: Measure the length of your worktops (in mm). This is the longest measurement and should be taken from the back of the cabinets which are fixed to the wall rather than the front of the kitchen cabinet.
  • Step 2: Measure the width of your worktop. This is usually standard but it’s important to measure anyway to make the standard size will fit in your kitchen. 
  • Step 3: Convert your worktop sizes to metres squared (m2). To do this, you’ll need to convert mm to metres and then divide your measurements by 1000. To calculate the total area in m2 use this formula: length (in metres) x width (in metres) = Area m2

You will need to calculate the total area in square metres for every piece of worktop you want in your kitchen. So, if you have an L shaped kitchen, you will need to measure the length and width for both worktops. This is the same for a U shaped kitchen which will have 3 worktops. Once you have these measurements, you can work out the m2 required for your new granite worktops. 

The price per m2 is usually based on the cost of the worktop and does not include fabrication, templating or installation.


Templating, cutting and installing 

You will also need to consider installation cost and the cost of cutting your granite worktop. Granite is a heavy material and hard to work with so it’s always recommended that your worktops are installed by professionals. Experienced installers will have the right tool and expertise to make sure the job is done correctly and your worktops will be long lasting. 

You will also need to consider the number of cut outs your worktop will need such as tap holes, drainers or sink cut outs as cutting will be charged too. If you’d like a breakfast bar, upstands or splashbacks in the same material, you will need to consider this within the cost too. 

At Stone Synergy, we can provide you with a free quote based on your measurements, we will then template your kitchen and install your worktops so you don’t have to worry about getting different tradespeople in.



Are granite worktops worth the cost?

Granite worktops are an incredibly durable and long lasting solution and, if they’re installed properly, sealed regularly and well cared for, they can last for decades. Due to their natural nature, every piece of granite is different so your kitchen worktop will be unique and provide a modern look for your kitchen.

Get a free instant quote and estimate from Stone Synergy today to find out more about how much your granite worktop will cost.