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How quartz worktops became a quarantine favourite



quartz worktop with kitchen sink

Stylish and clean – quartz worktops are taking over

Nothing makes you analyse the décor of your home more than being forced to look at it day in and day out. The pandemic has meant that we are spending more time indoors than perhaps ever before. This year has seen thousands of homeowners across the nation look for new ways to enhance their homes. This includes replacing their tired old kitchens and creating a hub for their families to enjoy. One of the most popular worktops people have chosen for their kitchens is quartz. Discover how quartz worktops have become so significant during the pandemic and why you should consider them when updating your kitchen surfaces. 


The anti-bacterial qualities of quartz worktops 

One of the many reasons why quartz has rocketed to the top of homeowners’ lists of must-haves is that some brands are actually anti-bacterial. Quartz worktops from brands such as Silestone are embedded with antimicrobial agents that stop bacteria in its tracks. These agents hinder the spread of bacteria merely by being present in your quartz worktops. At a time when hygiene is of paramount importance, being able to have in-built protection in your home is a welcome bonus. By selecting quartz worktops with such protection, you can potentially avoid your family contracting nasty illnesses. This is especially important at this time, as it’s preferable to avoid the need for avoidable medical attention during a pandemic. 


The durability of quartz worktops 

When you purchase a new kitchen, you expect it to last, even if you’re on a restricted budget. As we are spending increasingly more time in our homes these days, our kitchen will be used to a greater extent. Families with children will already know how resilient a kitchen needs to be. With this in mind, families of all shapes and sizes are choosing quartz as their material of choice for kitchens. Quartz worktops are non-porous, and stain, heat, and scratch resistant, which is music to any parent’s ears! 


Styling it out with quartz 

Being stuck indoors can become old very easily. Make staying in enjoyable by giving your kitchen the revamp it deserves. Quartz is fantastic for stylish homeowners as there are so many colours and variations available. Go full on glamourous with a sparkling white quartz worktop such as the Simply Quartz Galazy White. For a subtle, elegant look, consider the Simply Quartz Dark Grey. If you prefer some colour in your kitchen, take a look at the beautiful Simply Quartz Euphates worktop. 


A celebrity favourite 

If you love to follow the styles of your favourite celebs, you’ll be delighted to learn that plenty of famous folk love quartz. For example. lauded actress, Hilary Swank’s quartz kitchen was featured in Elle Décor online magazine Her choices revealed just how beautiful quartz is when used in kitchens. Furthermore, many other actors, singers, and high-profile celebs realise the benefits and beauty of quartz worktops. This includes includes reality TV star, Lydia Bright, who recently had her kitchen renovated to include quartz counter-tops. 

How do I order my new quartz counter-tops? 

If you, like so many of our customers, want to revamp your kitchen with quartz, our experts will make it happen. Simply scroll through our selection of quartz counter-tops and choose your favourite. Each of our images is accurate and samples are available too. You can contact us online to order your sample, or give us a call. Once you have decided which counter-tops you want to purchase, follow the steps on our site to place an order. 

What do the template and fitting processes entail? 

Our friendly professionals will come to your home to create an accurate template of your new kitchen worktops. At this stage, if you still aren’t sure about what stone you wish to use, our fitters can provide samples for you to peruse. Our template and fit service is very quick. This is because we don’t sub-contract work and our professionals belong to our company. Measurements will be made, taking into account items such as the cooker, fridge and any other items that need to be considered. You will need to be present for this stage so that we can ensure everything is absolutely perfect before we create the template. The template will be used to create your new quartz worktops. 


How long does this all take?

Once all the measurements have been made and the template created, it usually takes between 4 to 10 days until your new worktops are ready to be installed. Just like at the template appointment, you will need to be present for the fitting. This is so we can make sure you are completely happy with the finished product and our services. Many of our customers are surprised by just how quickly they can have their new worktops in their homes. We pride ourselves on providing not only a fast service, but an impeccable one too.


Quartz worktop showrooms

Although our showrooms are closed at the moment owing to the pandemic, there are other ways you can view our products. For example, you can order samples online or you can ask them to be supplied at your template appointment. When the opportunity arises once again to visit our showrooms, we invite you to view our range of stunning worktops. Our experts will be in hand to answer any questions you may have and to help you make your selection. You can also call to speak with one of our friendly customer service operatives, or get in touch via the website.


So, if you would like to join the throngs of people (including some celebrities!) choosing quartz for their new kitchens, check out our range. If you’ve already had counter-tops fitted by our team, why not show off your brand new kitchens? Alternatively, if you would like to share your experiences with quartz kitchen worktops, we’d love to hear from you too.

Let us know what you think below and feel free to include any fabulous images you may want to show off.