About our Multi Quotes

Multi quotes are one of our many tools to ensure you have complete satisfaction throughout the process of buying your new worktops.

A multi quote is where we will quote the dimensions you provide us in all of our materials so that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

This process will give you the freedom to look through all of our materials and look at what fits your budget/needs.

Simply Quartz Alabaster 20mm£3,218.00£643.60£3,861.60
Simply Quartz Alabaster 30mm£3,530.00£706.00£4,236.00
Simply Quartz Alaska 20mm£2,802.00£560.40£3,362.40
Simply Quartz Alaska 30mm£3,010.00£602.00£3,612.00
Simply Quartz Alexis Grey 20mm£2,094.80£418.96£2,513.76
Simply Quartz Alexis Grey 30mm£2,230.00£446.00£2,676.00
Simply Quartz Aluminium 20mm£2,282.00£456.40£2,738.40
Simply Quartz Aluminium 30mm£2,386.00£477.20£2,863.20
Simply Quartz Arabsque 20mm£2,791.60£558.32£3,349.92
Simply Quartz Arabsque 30mm£2,999.60£599.92£3,599.52
Simply Quartz Avalanche 20mm£2,490.00£498.00£2,988.00
Simply Quartz Avalanche 30mm£2,698.00£539.60£3,237.60
Simply Quartz Bianco Eclipsia 20mm£2,854.00£570.80£3,424.80
Simply Quartz Bianco Eclipsia 30mm£3,103.60£620.72£3,724.32
Simply Quartz Black Shimmer 20mm£2,282.00£456.40£2,738.40
Simply Quartz Black Shimmer 30mm£2,386.00£477.20£2,863.20
Simply Quartz Black Sparkle 20mm£2,105.20£421.04£2,526.24
Simply Quartz Black Sparkle 30mm£2,271.60£454.32£2,725.92
Simply Quartz Calacatta 20mm£2,200.00£440.00£2,640.00
Simply Quartz Calacatta 30mm£2,400.00£480.00£2,880.00
Simply Quartz Calacatta Code 20mm£2,750.00£550.00£3,300.00
Simply Quartz Calacatta Code 30mm£3,114.00£622.80£3,736.80
Simply Quartz Calacatta Gold 20mm£2,750.00£550.00£3,300.00
Simply Quartz Calacatta Gold 30mm£3,114.00£622.80£3,736.80
Simply Quartz Calacatta Gold Supreme 20mm£2,832.40£566.48£3,398.88
Simply Quartz Calacatta Gold Supreme 30mm£3,078.16£615.63£3,693.79
Simply Quartz Carrara 20mm£2,000.00£400.00£2,400.00
Simply Quartz Carrara 30mm£2,100.00£420.00£2,520.00
Simply Quartz Carrea Flower 20mm£2,313.20£462.64£2,775.84
Simply Quartz Carrea Flower 30mm£2,526.40£505.28£3,031.68
Simply Quartz Carrea Special 20mm£2,448.80£489.76£2,938.56
Simply Quartz Carrea Special 30mm£2,636.00£527.20£3,163.20
Simply Quartz Cemento 20mm£2,583.60£516.72£3,100.32
Simply Quartz Cemento 30mm£2,791.60£558.32£3,349.92
Simply Quartz Cream Sparkle 20mm£2,105.20£421.04£2,526.24
Simply Quartz Cream Sparkle 30mm£2,271.60£454.32£2,725.92
Simply Quartz Dark Grey 20mm£2,230.00£446.00£2,676.00
Simply Quartz Dark Grey 30mm£2,386.00£477.20£2,863.20
Simply Quartz Dove Grey 20mm£2,802.00£560.40£3,362.40
Simply Quartz Dove Grey 30mm£3,010.00£602.00£3,612.00
Simply Quartz Euphates 20mm£2,791.60£558.32£3,349.92
Simply Quartz Euphates 30mm£2,999.60£599.92£3,599.52
Simply Quartz Galaxy White 20mm£2,074.00£414.80£2,488.80
Simply Quartz Galaxy White 30mm£2,230.00£446.00£2,676.00
Simply Quartz Grey Shell 20mm£2,802.00£560.40£3,362.40
Simply Quartz Grey Shell 30mm£3,010.00£602.00£3,612.00
Simply Quartz Grey Shimmer 20mm£1,900.00£380.00£2,280.00
Simply Quartz Grey Shimmer 30mm£2,000.00£400.00£2,400.00
Simply Quartz Grey Sparkle 20mm£1,800.00£360.00£2,160.00
Simply Quartz Grey Sparkle 30mm£1,900.00£380.00£2,280.00
Simply Quartz Ice Lake 20mm£2,599.20£519.84£3,119.04
Simply Quartz Ice Lake 30mm£2,776.00£555.20£3,331.20
Simply Quartz Irini 20mm£2,583.60£516.72£3,100.32
Simply Quartz Irini 30mm£2,791.60£558.32£3,349.92
Simply Quartz Light Grey 20mm£2,230.00£446.00£2,676.00
Simply Quartz Light Grey 30mm£2,386.00£477.20£2,863.20
Simply Quartz Nero Marquina 20mm£2,699.28£539.86£3,239.14
Simply Quartz Nero Marquina 30mm£2,934.80£586.96£3,521.76
Simply Quartz Onyx Opaque 20mm£2,997.00£599.40£3,596.40
Simply Quartz Pacific White 20mm£2,230.00£446.00£2,676.00
Simply Quartz Pacific White 30mm£2,458.80£491.76£2,950.56
Simply Quartz Pietra Grey 20mm£2,583.60£516.72£3,100.32
Simply Quartz Pietra Grey 30mm£2,791.60£558.32£3,349.92
Simply Quartz Platinum 20mm£2,282.00£456.40£2,738.40
Simply Quartz Platinum 30mm£2,386.00£477.20£2,863.20
Simply Quartz Staturio 20mm£2,804.00£560.80£3,364.80
Simply Quartz Staturio 30mm£3,053.60£610.72£3,664.32
Simply Quartz Steel Grey 20mm£2,094.80£418.96£2,513.76
Simply Quartz Steel Grey 30mm£2,230.00£446.00£2,676.00
Simply Quartz Steller White 20mm£2,105.20£421.04£2,526.24
Simply Quartz Steller White 30mm£2,167.60£433.52£2,601.12
Simply Quartz Super White 20mm£2,282.00£456.40£2,738.40
Simply Quartz Super White 30mm£2,438.00£487.60£2,925.60
Simply Quartz Valley White 20mm£2,583.60£516.72£3,100.32
Simply Quartz Valley White 30mm£2,791.60£558.32£3,349.92
Simply Quartz Venato 20mm£2,646.00£529.20£3,175.20
Simply Quartz Venato 30mm£2,802.00£560.40£3,362.40
Simply Quartz White Shimmer 20mm£1,900.00£380.00£2,280.00
Simply Quartz White Shimmer 30mm£2,000.00£400.00£2,400.00
Simply Quartz White Sparkle 20mm£1,800.00£360.00£2,160.00
Simply Quartz White Sparkle 30mm£1,900.00£380.00£2,280.00
Simply Quartz White Statuary 20mm£2,906.00£581.20£3,487.20
Simply Quartz White Statuary 30mm£3,218.00£643.60£3,861.60

How to apply for a multi quote

Every quotation you receive from us will come with the exact quote you asked for, as well as a multi quote!

This is to ensure that you are 100% confident and happy with your decision. You can look through the multi quote and compare it with your individual quote to see if there are any changes you would like to make. Whether that be to suit your financial needs or that you found a material you like more, that’s within your budget.

Whatever the reason, the multi quote was designed to help you make the best possible choice.