Silestone Worktops

What’s so special about Silestone worktops?

Stylish and practical Silestone worktops

You may be familiar with the name Silestone, and be aware of its status in the realm of quartz worktops. However, you perhaps aren’t aware of the exact qualities that make this brand so popular. Discover why so many people choose Silestone worktops for their kitchens and how they can help to enhance your kitchen, whatever your style. 


What are Silestone worktops? 

Silestone is an extremely durable material which is made from 90% natural quartz. These beautiful worktops provide so much more than a stunning aesthetic and are a practical choice for any home. In addition to being used in kitchen worktops, Silestone is often used in bathrooms, and as a material for floors and wall cladding.  As a stain-resistant material, it provides the perfect protection for a variety of surfaces, which is great news for mess-makers and family homes. 



What kind of stains do Silestone worktops avoid? 

Porous worktops can be delicate when it comes to what kind of liquids can stain them. However, as a non-porous material, Silestone avoids stains that certain other worktops can’t. This means that if you accidentally spill red wine, vinegar, coffee, or lemon juice onto your Silestone worktop, you don’t need to worry about these liquids staining it. Besides the usual liquids associated with kitchens, these worktops are also resistant to makeup stains which is a more common problem than you may think. 



Prepare for impact! 

When you have a busy family home, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your brand-new surfaces being knocked and permanently damaged. Silestone worktops are impact-resistant, which means that it can withstand the everyday knocks and scrapes of a busy kitchen. Couple this with the fact Silestone kitchen worktops are stain-proof for many of the most common spillages, and you have an amazing, durable product. 



There’s more to Silestone than incredible style 

It’s amazing just how innovative Silestone worktops really are. You might think that worktops are pretty much all the same besides perhaps differing in colour and overall style. Well, you’d be very wrong indeed! Of course, these factors are important but there are other things to consider too. Thickness, for example, is an essential consideration. Silestone is available in 1.2cm, 2cm, and 3cm.  



Stone Synergy and Silestone worktops 

We are pleased to be suppliers of a stunning range of Silestone worktops. These worktops are provided with a template and fit service, which is available nationwide. Among our Silestone collection you will find all manner of styles and colours. Choose from gorgeous silver and white marble-effect worktops, or pristine white countertops. Select coral, gold, deepest black, or sparkling worktops. Popular Silestone worktops include Charcoal Soapstone, Silestone Lyra, Eternal Marquina, and Silestone Bamboo.  



Quality worktops at sale prices 

One would expect that  a high quality product such as Silestone would be pretty pricey. However, as always, Stone Synergy is dedicated to providing low prices, even on top brand worktops. The discounted prices are just one of the many reasons customers choose to purchase their Silestone products from us. We are also currently holding a Silestone sale, which means you can grab a great deal right now.


How do I fit my new Silestone kitchen worktop?

The great news is that our experienced template and fit teams do all the work for you. The process involves our team coming to your home and taking precise measurements to create an exact replica template of your new worktops. This includes measuring where any appliances, pipes, or other permanent fixtures may be. You will need to be present for this so that the team can ensure they go away with accurate information and also so you can ask any questions about the process if needed.


How long do I need to wait for my worktops to be fitted?

One of the main concerns of new customers is that their worktops could take some time to be fitted. This certainly isn’t the case for Stone Synergy customers. As we employ an in-house team of fitters, the process is straight-forward. Once the template has been created, it will be used to create your chosen worktops. It usually takes between four to ten days from template creation to installation. Our customers enjoy the fact that we don’t outsource during this process and that their worktops can be fitted so quickly.


How do I choose the perfect style for my home?

One of the trickiest parts of the whole process for many people is choosing which Silestone style they prefer. This is entirely down to personal taste, of course, but it’s worth remembering that our teams can also help you to decide. You can order samples online, or, when possible, pop into one of our showrooms for a closer look. Alternatively, our template and fit team can bring samples for you to peruse while they get on with measuring up for the template. It’s worth being realistic about what styles fit in with your current decor, unless you intend to give your kitchen a complete overhaul. Leaving samples in various spaces in your kitchen can also give you a good idea of what styles and colours you prefer.


How do I get started purchasing my new Silestone worktop?

It’s really easy to buy worktops from us, and you can simply order online and speak with one of our customer services team to arrange a convenient time for your template and fit. If you prefer to select some samples first before you commit, you can do so by giving us a call or by filling in the online contact form. Should you want some more information about our products and services, our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


As always, we love to see what our customers have done with our products, and so, if you’d like to show us your newly fitted Silestone worktops, drop an image in the comment section below.