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When to choose a brown granite worktop for your kitchen

Baltic Brown Granite

When to choose a brown granite worktop for your kitchen

Granite Worktops

When to choose a brown granite worktop for your kitchen

In 2022, brown granite worktops are becoming an increasingly popular choice for people’s kitchens. While it may feel like an awkward colour to integrate into your kitchen design, brown work surfaces can make a bold and warm statement when combined with the correct kitchen stylings.

Baltic Brown Granite

Why do people choose granite?

Hard & Durable

Not only does granite look great, but it’s also an extremely hard and durable material – the second hardest material known to man. Granite’s durability means it’s resistant to chipping, scratching, and everyday use.

Heat, Stain, & Moisture Resistant

Granite’s resistance to heat and stains helps it survive every day wear-and-tear, which also results in less maintenance needed.

The polished finish of many granite counters also prevents moisture from seeping into the worktops materials.


A quality of granite that many love is the uniqueness of each piece. While many granite kitchen worktops may look similar, you’ll never be able to find two identical worktops. This is down to each worktop varying in colour, darkness, lightness, pattern, veining and more.

Highly Affordable

On top of these other benefits, granite is also a highly affordable worktop, coming in much cheaper than the likes of various natural stones. Granite countertops also add value to your kitchen should you choose to sell the home in the future.



What can brown granite worktops go with?

Many people believe brown is a difficult colour to work with when it comes to their kitchen, but this isn’t always true.

Brown worktops are much easier to integrate into your kitchen’s style than you think, with many aesthetics benefiting from a brown countertop included. From matte brown granite to baltic brown granite with its polished finish, there’s a worktop for everyone’s preference!

So, what style kitchens would a brown granite worktop work well with?

  • Vintage Style Kitchens
  • Modern Style Kitchens
  • Traditional Country Style Kitchens

Plenty other styles!

With granite being such a versatile material, your brown granite worktops can come in various patterns, shades and more to fit any style kitchen you’re going for. Whether it’s a clean and minimalistic style kitchen or a maximalism style, there’s most likely a brown granite countertop for you!



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