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A guide to granite worktop colours

Colonial White Granite

A guide to granite worktop colours

Granite Worktops

A guide to granite worktop colours

Choosing the right colour granite counter for your kitchen can be a hard thing to do. With the broad range of kitchen counter colours available, the decision can even be overwhelming at times – luckily it doesn’t always have to be this way.

In this blog, we’ll be running through the most popular options when it comes to granite slab worktops, and hopefully helping you make the decision of which would be best when it comes to your kitchen.


Colonial White Granite

White Granite Worktops

A colour that’s becoming increasingly popular recently is white countertops. This neutral colour is an easy shade to plan a kitchen around, and paired with granite’s sleek and elegant design gives the kitchen a modern aesthetic.

White worktops also give the illusion of space in kitchens due to their ability to reflect light. Paired with neutral coloured worktops such as whites, blacks, or greys, these worktops can be a great addition to your kitchen.

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Black Granite Worktops

When it comes to kitchen worktops, black is a very easy colour to work with and plan around. Going with nearly any colour scheme, black granite is becoming more and more popular each day.

Being a striking colour, black worktops are a guaranteed way to catch the eyes of house visitors. Whether you’re matching it with neutral cabinets or another colour, this high quality natural stone worktop makes your kitchen look impressive no matter the colour palette you pair it with.

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Grey Granite Worktops

Softer on the eyes than the likes of black worktops, grey granite worktops are a safe choice when it comes to your kitchen. Not only does grey match a wide range of colours, they add a spacious feel to your kitchen similar to the white granite counters.

Offering a subtle sophistication to your kitchen, grey granite counters are the ideal choice when you’re not looking for your worktops to be the focal point of your kitchen. Being less overbearing than the likes of white, black, and louder colours, grey counters compliment the various other aspects of your kitchen’s aesthetic while also looking classy and timeless.

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Other Colour Granite Worktops

Granite countertops can be found in a range of colours, not just neutrals. Online you can find red/brown granites, cream granites, blue granites, and even green granites!

The various designs of granite, as well as colours, allows each person’s kitchen to look different. Although some colours may be rising in popularity, this doesn’t mean you need to be using one of the main colours listed in this blog – granite’s wide range of colours means your kitchen can be tailored to your own preferences while also looking great.

Check out our full range of worktops online here.



Visualiser Tool

Got a worktop colour in mind but not sure how it would look with different cabinet colours/styles?

Using our online Visualiser Tool, you can test a range of granite worktop colours with cabinets of all styles.