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Buying grey granite worktops for your kitchen


Buying grey granite worktops for your kitchen

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Buying grey granite worktops for your kitchen

Grey granite worktops are a safe choice for new kitchens. Like black granite, grey granite matches well with a whole range of colour combinations and can even benefit your kitchen in surprising ways. Grey granite worktops can soften the contrast of classic black and white kitchens and alter perception of space.

If grey is your colour, we’ve got good news! In this article we take a look at some of the latest trends in natural grey granite.


Trends to look out for

The colour range of granite is impressive. Whilst there’s not quite 50 shades of grey, colours vary from white granite to black granite and everything in between. Grey granite worktops are an excellent choice for kitchens because it fits in with most colour combinations and decor schemes, not just in terms of colour but materials too! One thing is for certain, this shade is here to stay, and it can make itself at home with all of the latest trends. 

Bold kitchen colours 

Dark, bold colours have always been a favourite feature in kitchen design. These days, we’re seeing more and more people becoming more experimental in their choice of colours. For example, forest green and burgundy joined navy amongst the most popular colour choices last year. 

 Grey kitchen worktops work superbly well with white, black, yellow, red and navy blue kitchen cabinets. Grey is so versatile that darker shades complement lighter shades just as well. Allowing you to inject some metallic colours, such as copper, stainless steel and gold in light fittings and other metal components. Which brings us onto our next trend… 

Minimalist and monochrome kitchen design

Has minimalist design ever gone out of style? Steel grey granite matched with white, polished floors and straight lines and edges, make for a sleek, refined, almost clinical retreat in your kitchen. 

Monochromatic grey kitchens enhance the serenity of minimalist design too. This colour palette even holds its own in the luxe of classic design. As many people attempt to invoke the era that their homes were built in without cluttering space. You’ll find grey granite countertops work well with bespoke ornate kitchen furniture in older properties too. Allowing you to invoke the period of your Victorian or Edwardian home. 

Similar shades

As we’ve already mentioned, grey granite worktops act as a buffer between highly contrasting colours (like the classic black and white combination). Another trend in kitchen design is the use of similar hues. Usually this entails using slightly different colours to highlight specific features in the kitchen. For example, mineral green cabinets and a deeper bottle green used on a kitchen island. 

Similar hues bring depth and points of interest to your kitchen. White drawers may be used to break up the green a little and grey granite countertops tie everything together.


Benefits of choosing grey granite kitchen worktops

Granite worktops benefit your kitchen in a number of ways. You can find out more about how granite is ideal for kitchens here. Aside from the benefits of the material itself, let’s look at how grey granite worktops in particular, can benefit your kitchen design ideas. 

Grey is versatile

Grey as a colour evokes a variety of ambience to a room. Lighter shades make for a soothing and stylish feel. Whereas darker tones bring a more moodier and dramatic air to a kitchen. 

Blends better with colours

Grey is susceptible to different lighting. Even the colour of grey granite worktops are seemingly altered by different shades and light. Since it blends well with other colours, grey granite may capture or hold bold or subdued colour palettes in your kitchen. 

Works well with most kitchen styles

Grey granite worktops work well with lots of different styles. Whether your preference is waxed units and limestone walls to bring out an aged effect. Grey tints that add elegance to driftwood tones. Or perhaps you like the matte grey splashbacks currently in vogue? In fact, the use of grey countertops with these splashbacks, add depth and invite minimalist design or more experimental colours. 


Grey granite can dramatically alter the mood of your kitchen. Why not check out our full selection of grey granite here. Feel free to contact our team for their expert advice and inspiration for your new kitchen.