Cream Granite Worktops
Cream Granite Worktops
Cream Granite Worktops
Cream Granite Worktops
Cream Granite Worktops
Cream Granite Worktops
Cream Granite Worktops

Cream Granite Worktops

Cream Granite Worktops, Huge savings on Cream Granite Kitchen Worktops UK, Nationwide Template & Fit. Warranty, Instant Online Quote, Huge Colour Range. Leading UK Supplier

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4 reasons why a cream granite worktop is the gift that keeps giving 

Kitchens should be bright, warm, welcoming places where you can enjoy cooking and gathering with family and friends. If you like the clean, light look of a pristine white kitchen but find white too stark, a cream kitchen worktop is the perfect solution. 

Cream is warm, bright and inviting. When you pair it with a premium granite worktop you get a superior worktop that will make a kitchen feel light, spacious and cosy.  

Both granite and cream are prized by homeowners so a cream granite worktop is a luxe choice with long-lasting appeal.  

Here’s 4 reasons why a cream granite worktop is a brilliant choice you won’t regret. 

4 reasons why a cream granite worktop is the gift that keeps giving 

  1. High grade granite: Each granite worktop is cut from a slab of natural granite stone making them a luxurious type of workshop that’s truly unique. No granite worktop can ever be the same as another meaning every granite worktop is an original, organic product of high value. 


Granite has long been prized by mankind for its robust qualities. It’s extremely well suited to the kitchen environment and won’t stain, scratch, fade or melt.  


Used to create structures like statues since ancient times, granite worktops are sought after countertops that will appeal to homeowners in future. 


  1. Versatile colour: A cream worktop leaves you with lots of options for the rest of your kitchen décor. You can choose to continue with a minimal palette, using tonal variations to layer on creams, whites and light greys. 


Alternatively, you can add smatterings of sophisticated colour with rich dark blues, greys, greens and even pops of black. 


Lighter woods will complement a modern look whilst mid brown adds warmth to a more traditional country kitchen style. Shiny metallic like chrome finish a cream kitchen beautifully whilst copper or black fittings are another option if you want to switch things up. 


  1. Opens up the space: Cream imparts an airy, spacious feel to any space making a kitchen appear bigger and brighter without feeling empty and devoid of character. 


  1. ROI: Delivering a clean, elegant and high end finish, a cream granite worktop will still  retain its appeal and value for homeowners in years to come. When you want to sell your home in future, you’ll still have a desirable kitchen that’s the inviting, light and stunning space you planned from the start.  

Browse our huge range of premium cream granite worktops at surprisingly affordable prices today. With our fast and efficient, tailored end to end service you can have your bespoke kitchen worktop installed within 5 days.  

For the finest quality quartz and granite kitchen worktops at lower prices than national retailers, shop our enormous collection of cream granite worktops today or call 01924 903949. 

Do you sell directly to the public?

Yes, we supply all kinds of worktops including cream granite worktops. By doing so we can ensure you get the best service and price. By cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to you.

What must I have on site when you arrive to do the templating?

Before the survey you need to ensure all cabinets are level, have sufficient braces and are secure firmly to the wall. Make sure you know the final location of the sinks, hobs, taps and any other fittings required with your cream granite worktops and have these available on site. Please ensure after the survey cabinets are not moved as the measurements taken during the survey are crucial for a perfect worktop installation. Any changes after the survey will cause significant delays and incur extra charges.

Can we plaster the walls after you have templated?

No, this needs to be done before the templating. Tiling should be done after the cream granite worktops are installed.

How long from the templating will it take to fit my worktops?

We normally deliver and fit cream granite worktops within 4-10 working days from the survey.(7 day from sale to fit on certain occasions, call for details)

How accurate is an online quote?

The price calculated using the online guide price, which will only change if and when we come out to template, the measurements and your requirements change from the original quote online.

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