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Black Granite Worktops
Black Granite Worktops
Black Granite Worktops
Black Granite Worktops
Black Granite Worktops
Black Granite Worktops

Black Granite Worktops

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Choosing a black granite worktop for your kitchen: Dark kitchen worktop ideas

Colour trends may come and go but a black granite worktop will never go out of style or lose its value. Although we often think about dark worktops as a style statement, black kitchen worktops are extremely versatile and popular.

The key is in the type of black worktop you choose and how you use it. A black granite worktop is easy to style and you can use it with the added reassurance that its appeal and worth for homeowners will never fade.

Black worktops are extremely popular with homeowners because they add a unique layer of luxury, refinement, and style to a space you can’t achieve with any other colour.

When you bring black and high-quality granite stone together in the form of a black granite worktop, you’re guaranteed to obtain a winning investment. Let’s take a deeper look at why so many of us choose a black granite worktop for our kitchen makeovers.

Choosing a black granite worktop for your kitchen

The benefits of granite worktops:

Since ancient times, granite stone has been used to create impressive, luxurious structures. Today, it is still prized for its strength and beauty, making granite worktops a premium, sought after type of worktop that will still retain its high value to homeowners in the future.

Black granite worktops are extremely practical. They are highly resistant to stains, scratches, heat and fading making them incredibly long-lasting and robust. Of course, a black worktop will go even further to deliver value because it won’t show up even the slightest mark so you really obtain a return on investment when you choose black granite.

The fact that granite worktops are made from natural stone gives them added appeal. Every granite countertop is completely unique because granite worktops are cut from huge single slabs of granite stone that are taken directly out of the ground.

Each slab is super strong with its own unique appearance so no granite kitchen worktop can ever be the same. The organic grain and patterns found in granite stone are a thing of beauty that homeowners find particularly appealing.

The natural patterns contain a huge range of unique colour combinations within the veining, flecks and spotting that make the appearance of granite so distinct. You’ll find all sorts of tones and colours so everyone can find a slab of granite with the exact appearance they want.

Knowing no one else can ever have the same worktop as you adds something special when you own a granite kitchen countertop.

Why black granite worktops never go out of style

As if all those benefits weren’t enough, you also have the added advantage of the sophisticated appeal that black holds for homeowners so the value of your granite worktop when you opt for black is even higher.

The reason black is so popular lies in both its refined yet interesting look and the versatility it offers. Black decor is rich, sumptuous and high end without trying too hard. If you want colour but still love neutrals, black gives you all you need.

If you just want a splash of the luxe that black delivers, a black granite kitchen worktop is an easy way to achieve that. Alternatively, you can layer tonal variations, add warming natural materials, bright pops of colour, lights or whites – the choice is yours.

Lighten black decor with lots of white or light colours or create texture and warmth with natural woods and metals in any tone. Colour can be used to ramp up the contemporary feel and black is great at highlighting statement furniture, coloured units, features and other pops of colour in the room.

The advantage of using black is that the entire colour palette is open for you to use however you choose. A sparkle black granite worktop or a black granite worktop with a gloss finish will enhance the light in the room whilst beautiful light fittings are excellent with black decor which benefits from lots of light.

Whatever your final style choices, with a black granite worktop, you know your kitchen makeover will have retained its value in years to come.

Browse our huge range of premium black granite worktops at surprisingly affordable prices today. With our fast and efficient, tailored end to end service you can have your bespoke kitchen worktop installed within 5 days.

For the finest quality quartz and granite worktops at lower prices than national retailers, shop our enormous collection of black granite worktops today or call 01924 903949.

Do you sell directly to the public?

Yes, we supply all kinds of worktops including some top picks like Black Granite Worktops. By doing so we can ensure you get the best service and price. By cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to you.

What must I have on site when you arrive to do the templating?

Before the survey you need to ensure all cabinets are level, have sufficient braces and are secure firmly to the wall. Make sure you know the final location of the sinks, hobs, taps and any other fittings required and have these available on site. Please ensure after the survey cabinets are not moved as the measurements takes during the survey are crucial for a perfect worktop installation. Any changes after the survey will cause significant delays and incur extra charges.

Can we plaster the walls after you have templated?

No, this needs to be done before the templating. Tiling should be done after your black granite worktops are installed.

How long from the templating will it take to fit my worktops?

We normally delivery and fit worktops within 4-10 working days from the survey. (7 day from sale to fit on certain occasions, call for details)

How accurate is an online quote?

The price calculated using the online guide price, which will only change if and when we come out to template, the measurements and your requirements change from the original quote online.

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Absolutely amazing service from Jason and his team. From the first day he met my husband and me, he was professional, knowledgeable, and a genuinely nice guy. You wouldn’t be disappointed by their service and products. 5 Stars from us most certainly


Kelly Coubrough
Just had our quartz worktops fitted last week. Can recommend this company highly.
Looks great and staff were very friendly.
Great price too.


Roy Spencer
Absolutely delighted with our Quartz Worktop and the service received from Stone Synergy.
Although we had some initial teething problems, the manner and speed in which these were rectified speak volumes for the values of this company.
Very professional from beginning to end, and the finished product speaks for itself.
Highly recommend 👍


Robin Knight
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